perjantai 25. marraskuuta 2016

I wish I could have someone

Maybe I will find someone in the future. Someone who is going to be beautiful, clever, someone who will make me laugh after I have cried. Who hugs me without asking am I okay or do I actually need it. Someone who understands me and sees inside me. Somone who will see that little lost girl who doesn't really know who she is.

I just want someone who is worth of it. Worth of my loving, worth of my time and truly deserves all of that. Someone who I can trust to.

Maybe I will see kindness in her heart. Maybe I will learn to love her and make her smile if she is unhappy. I wish I could have it now while I'm still young. I want to fall in love. I want to see everything through pink clouds again, find happines. Kiss someone in rain, dance in moonlight and walk holding hands in the forest 3 o'clock in the morning if I want to. Just talk all night, watch stars to rise in the dark sky and tell each other about our biggest dreams. Build a plans to live together, dream about forever and always.

Maybe I will meet her tomorrow and beging to live a lovely friendship with her. Slowly starting to have a crush on her.
Perhaps I won't meet her until I'm very old and living alone with six cats and sitting in my rocking chair while drinking tea and reading my novels.
However, I just hope she won't give me unnecessary hope, break my heart into small pecies and stop loving me when I need her at the most.

I want to have a happily ever after. Don't we all want that? Happy life, hope that at the end of everything we will be fine.

Don't we all want change our life in somehow? 'Cause I do. I want to have a better life - not completely perfect but happier. I want to findcolour of sunset, good mornings and hope from those little normal things in my life like smile on someone's face.
Because right now it feels everything is white and black. It's winter, but there isn't any snow. It only rains and school takes too much time.
I wish I could have someone to make memories with me.

I don't really know why, but sometimes English just sounds better than Finnish. Don't you think so? And I have English test on tuesday, so this is basically practicing for me - just not the boring one.

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  1. Yes, English often sounds better and your words make a text beautiful. <3 It's good to be read while listening to music.

    And yes, we never know about the future. That can be a bad thing or a good thing. Not every dream can become true. But some of them will. <3 Or then, a lovely moment will happen without a dream, without plans, and that makes you happy too.

    However, I only wish it would get easier.

  2. "Everything sounds better in english."

    I guess, everyone wants someone who can see who they really are. Someone who sees more than weird, annoying girl who is obsessed to school. Someone who sees the good in us? I don´t believe everyone find her (or him), but it's better live in hope, don't you think so too?

    Well, we can be happy (or even less depressed) without someone beside us. Sometimes it's just very hard...

    1. Yes, hope is always good. And if we don't find the right one soulmate in our lifes, maybe we will someone who to love even a little bit.

      I know..


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